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Fine Car Racing caters for road going saloons and production sports cars,{manufactured} introduced before 31 December 1994 and which have been out of production for at least 10 years.

We are the category with probably the most variety in terms of manufacturers and models currently racing at Killarney. We encourage marques car clubs like Alfa, Ford, MG, BMW, the Porsche club (who have made a big impact on our membership) and others to participate in our series. As participation is determined by a cut-off date of more than 20 years, the category loosely falls into a “classic” or “historic” form of the sport. For this reason, the adherence to the rules is strictly enforced. 

There are a fiercely competitive bunch of drivers competing, ranging in age from 17 to 70. We race for the fun of it and although we race hard to see who crosses the winning line first, the championship is decided on an index system where each driver is measured against himself. For the last few years, the championship has gone down to the wire with the winner only known after the final race of the season.

Come and join us and find out what the word "spirit" means in racing.

Briefly – the Rules

·         Fine Cars shall be road legal saloons or production sports cars, introduced before the 31 December 1994 and must be out of production for more than 10 years

·         The original manufacturer's engine, gearbox and other running parts are to be retained

·         The car must be as close as possible to original

·         Use of DOT approved tyres for road use will be enforced, no slicks or wet-wet tyres

·         Interior shall be as close as possible to original and complete

·         Suspension may be lowered but may not be radically modified

·         Roll bars are to be fitted inside the car. Minimum spec is a three point roll bar.

·         Four or five point racing harnesses are required

·         Engines may be modified, however, All race cars must be built, prepared and raced within the spirit of Fine Car Racing”.


Originally, Fine Cars raced under a staggered start system, with the slowest car starting first and the quickest last. At the end of 2010, it was decided to race under “Index of Performance” rules. Race day sees qualifying for grid position, and the grids are a mass standing start. The index is calculated for each driver by averaging all his lap times for the race expressed as a % of his fastest time in the race. The driver closest to 100% is the winner on index, regardless where he actually finishes on the road.